“As a Doctor of Chiropractic for 37 years and past President of World Federation of Chiropractic, I have seen many products come and go in the industry that claims to help with posture. I have to say that I am very IMPRESSED by Str8-n-Up and its clinical application. I’ve been recommending Str8-n-Up to my patients to improve posture. Str8-n-Up has captured the idea of conditioning the user to be more aware of their form through its design and its unique technique. It truly is effective and I see Str8-n-Up playing a key role in the prevention of health issues due to slouching and postural stress.”

J. Michael Flynn D.C. | Flynn Clinic of Chiropractic (Houma, LA)

“I first saw Str8-n-up on the Dr. Oz Show. I inquired and ordered a few.  I believe we are on our 6th order. My mom, husband and office manager use regularly.  My first ‘victims’ to try on other than myself.  We love the product, it’s great effectiveness on chronic postural issues, tech neck.  It has helped patients with chronic issues, helping retrain them. Some use for work, cooking, even barrel racing.  It was a great idea...wish I had come up with it.  I haven’t sold any of my old ridged braces since we’ve brought in Str8-n-up.”

Dr. Dawn Keith-Madeiros D.C. | Bayshore Chiropractic (Oak Harbor, WA)

The benefits of a strong posture in both the business world and ones physical health have reached a parallel. Thanks to the wholesome, spirited and concise work of Virginia Redmond and her Str8-n-Up Shoulder Support Accessory consumers and retailers are able to benefit from better alignment. For consumers, the ability to have better alignment and support for their shoulder and back posture is comfortably provided by briefly wearing Str8-n-Up. For businesses that sell Str8-n-Up providing retailers with an exceptional product that’s supplied by a strong, conscientious and reliable brand owner forms profitable alignment. As owners of Wizard Distribution, Inc., we have experienced ideal alignments from both use and sales of Str8-n-Up product.

Julie and Billy Carmen, Wizard Industries Inc.

“From a business stand point. I can hardly keep them on the shelf. 9/10 patients buy them once they try them on. I get many positive posts on my facebook page thanking me for introducing them to Str8-n-Up. Many of my patients ride horses. They love the way Str8-n-Up helps them improve their posture for the show ring. Personally, I have lost count as to the number of times Str8-n-Up has saved me. I have spent too much time on the computer and sewing. I put Str8-n-Up on and immediately feel the knots in the shoulder go away. My cowboy husband wore it when he was having some numbness in his right arm. It helped him enough he wore it with out my prompting him! Thank you again for a great product.”

Dr. Tina Nagle, D.C. | (Painted Post, NY)

“I am a licensed massage therapist and physical therapist assistant. My acupuncturist recommended the Str8-n-Up to me over a month ago and I have been using it on a regular basis - after working with clients, while working at my computer, and after traveling. The Str8-n-Up is very easy to use, and the stretch is very subtle, yet effective. After 30 minutes, I feel my chest is more open, my posture has improved, and I have less pain and tightness overall in my rhomboids and upper traps. I will recommend this product to my clients!”

Erica Wessell, LMT, PTA

"Patient's are getting excited about their Str8-N-up!  The concept of improving their posture makes sense to them and having a tool that helps their body maintain their posture and improve their function gets them pumped up!  I have patients bringing in friends just so they can purchase their own Str8-n-up.  I have been taking pictures of every patient that purchases a Str8-n-up of what their posture is when they are wearing the Str8-n-up and what their posture is without it and the results are dramatic!  Once they see just how much their posture improves by wearing the Str8-n-up, they instantly must have it!  It has become a great tool in the office for patients with neck and shoulder pain and it is becoming standard that every patient use one to help get the results they want and for overall maintenance."

Patrick McBrearty, D.C. | McBrearty Family & Sport Chiropractic (Canton, OH)

“Good posture is so important to your quality of life and your health. When you have good posture it takes stress off of your muscles, joints, and ligaments. Str8-n-up trains your body to have the proper posture that it should have. Having bad posture over many years can cause joint problems in the future so the sooner you start training yourself to have great posture the better.”

Dr. Sarah Harrill | City Center Chiropractic (Houston, TX)

“I am a licensed massage therapist and physical therapist assistant.  I am typically flexed forward while working with patients and clients. I take self care very seriously because staying healthy and pain free is of upmost importance for me in my career.  I stretch and work on postural exercises on a regular basis, but have felt my shoulders are becoming a bit forward flexed with age and that my posture could be improved. My acupuncturist recommended the St8-n-Up to me over a month ago and I have been using it on a regular basis - after working with clients, while working at my computer, and after traveling.  The Str8-n-Up is very easy to use, and the stretch is very subtle, yet effective.  After 30 minutes, I feel my chest is more open, my posture has improved, and I have less pain and tightness overall in my rhomboids and upper traps.  I will recommend this product to my clients!”

Erica Wessell LMT, PTA (Painted Post, NY)

“I always start my day with the str8-n-up and highly recommend it to all of my clients. The number one thing I teach is how important it is to have your shoulders in proper alignment and this really has helped get my clients closer to center. When you try this product out for yourself you will be amazed as I was.”

Rosa McGill

Owner/Instructor | Premier Pilates (Cypress, TX)

“Alive invigorated and sitting up. My diaphragm feels like it’s getting a full breathe. Even after I take my strap off…the memory in my body holds me sitting straight. I want to recommend it to my clients and watch their posture change.”

Marian Bell, Lifestyle and Nutritional Coach (Houston, TX)

“After one day of using the Str8-n-Up, I’d notice my posture straightening almost automatically!”

Pat T. Dolen, Speaker, Consultant & Coach (Houston, TX)


TEL 832.288.5634

The Today Show has officially been buzzing with Bobbie for five years! In honor of the anniversary, Bobbie Thomas remembers her most buzzworthy finds to date. Str8-n-Up was introduced as the “Slouch Thing”. The model was wearing our RS2 Blue/Gray band.

Bobbie Thomas – The Today Show - Bobbie’s Buzz 5th Anniversary, April 10, 2015

Who isn't guilty of hunching, whether it's over your computer or just slouching when you're standing? This happens to be my default setting, so I was eager to try the Str8-n-Up band. While I'm not sure what I expected, I was initially underwhelmed by the simple infinity-like scarf and small plastic piece. 

However, I was soon to be beyond impressed. Following the instructions, I looped the circle of fabric through the figure-eight knot, figured out where the arm holes were, and adjusted it accordingly. Lo and behold, the humble, twisted band gently pulled my shoulders back to realign and correct my posture. And the bonus? This shape shifter offers figure-flattering benefits too.”

Bobbie Thomas – The Today Show - Bobbie’s Buzz Segment, October 11, 2013

Dr. Rajita Sinha said straightening your posture is going to reduce stress. Many people who complain of too much stress also complain about pain in the neck, shoulders and back, according to Dr. Sinha. To help you straighten your posture and lower your stress, she suggested trying the STR8-N-Up Wrap which puts pressure on your back to help you stand up straighter.

Chosen Product of the Week – Chiropractic Economics Magazine - November 2011

“Str8-n-Up, makes use of physics, conditioning and spandex to create a stylish, simple solution to some structural problems. While not a “back support” the Str8-n-up is an accessory to assist and retrain the muscles of the upper back, chest, shoulder girdle, and neck to relax and realign.” – Texas Journal of Chiropractic Online - November 2011