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How long should I wear Str8-n-Up for?

We recommend up to 30-minutes per usage. That is an adequate amount of time for your muscles and mind to acclimate to proper form.

How durable is Str8-n-Up?

A.  The band is made from a very durable and breathable fabric. It can be hand or machine washed in cold water (remove buckle before washing). Tumble dry low and remove promptly or hang dry.

How do I know what size fits me best?

A.  Str8-n-Up comes in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). We have a measuring chart that provides a guideline when choosing a size that works for most users. If you find that you are in between sizes, you can adjust the tension by simply twisting the band a few times and looping it back through the buckle.

Do I wear Str8-n-Up underneath my clothing?

You can wear Str8-n-Up underneath your clothing; however, it is not necessary. Str8-n-Up is fashionable and stylish, unlike our competitor’s products that look more like a medical apparatus or an undergarment.  St8-n-Up looks more like a stylish accessory that can be part of your daily wear. There is no awkwardness when wearing it out in public; however, you may find people are more inquisitive with the stylish colors available. Yes, Str8-n-Up comes in multiple colors to fit your personal style and liking.

How easy is Str8-n-Up to use?

Str8-n-Up is very easy to use. It’s a 3-step process and once you get the hang of it, it takes less than 30 seconds from start to finish. Str8-n-Up makes practicing good posture effortless.

Does Str8-n-Up limit mobility?

St8-n-Up does not limit mobility. The bands are made of material that is extremely pliable and yields itself to each individual body type. This freedom of movement allows the shoulders to move without restraint.

Can anyone use Str8-n-Up? 

Yes, Str8-n-Up’s gentle fabric and adjustable band allows it to be used in an array of different reasons, for example:

• To increase awareness and alignment of posture.

• To relieve tension and stress in the neck, shoulders and back from everyday activities.

• To provide additional support in post-op surgery in breast cancer survivors during recovery.

These are just a few different reasons to use St8-n-Up.  We do recommend, if you have any health issues, that you seek the advice a qualified health care professional before using Str8-n-Up.

What benefits can Str8-n-Up offer someone who has the tendency to slouch/hunch?

Slouching and/or hunching have become a common thing with the increased use of electronics in this modern day.  From sitting in front of a computer all day, long hours commuting, extended periods of time peering over handheld devices to video games and other forms of entertainment.  All of these activities can lead to tech-neck, back pain, tension headaches, reduced lung capacity, gastrointestinal problems and many other health issues.

Str8-n-Up will help open up the chest and lift the sternum by gently pulling the shoulders back and down towards the tailbone.  These actions increase the space between the neck and shoulders thus relieving neck tension and headache. It helps to lengthen the torso, creating space for the lungs, internal organs while supporting and strengthening the lower back. 

When is the best time to wear St8-n-Up?

The efficiency of Str8-n-Up is based on the shoulders being encased in the band.  Our unique patented design gently glides your shoulders back and your blades downward.  This action will encourage your shoulders to release and the back of the neck lengthen thus relieving tension.  Wear St8-n-Up after working long hours on the computer; during airline travel; after breastfeeding; carrying heaving bags/backpack and other similar activities. In addition, St8-n-Up is also beneficial in pre/post exercise such as yoga, golf and even meditation, as it help promote muscle memory as your body grows accustomed to proper alignment.

How much tension should be in my Str8-n-Up band?

Str8-n-Up should feel comfortable and gentle, not tight or uncomfortable. The purpose of Str8-n-Up is to condition the user to become aware improper shoulder and neck alignment.   .  As this state becomes more natural, the user will unconsciously correct poor and unhealthy posture own their own. 

Is Str8-n-Up based on my shirt size?

Str8-n-Up is not based on your shirt size. We recommend you use the Str8-n-Up measuring chart that will provide you an accurate guideline when selecting a size.