Whether you are at the office, gym, golf course, home, school or in travel, you may be compromising your form and not even know it. We become unaware at times the havoc we are wreaking to our bodies and future health due to slouching, hunching and stress. Start retraining, reminding and realigning your body today with the help of Str8-n-Up.

Str8-n-Up is designed based on muscle memory. Wear for only 30-minutes a day and start conditioning yourself to be more aware of improper form so that you can correct your posture and keep it in check. Str8-n-Up helps you to know and feel what proper form should be. 


• Up to 30-minutes during your lunch or coffee breaks at the office or workplace

• Up to 30-minutes prior or after any physical activity (yoga, exercising, pilates, walking/running, etc.) Can be worn during these activities but not recommended. Any rigorous and/or continuous shoulder movements during these activities will cause straps to slip off of shoulders.

• Up to 30-minutes after or during video gaming sessions

• Up to 30-minutes after driving* or traveling long hours

• Up to 30-minutes anytime you want to destress and stretch out your neck and shoulder muscles

• Up to 30-minutes in between breast feedings to relax tensed muscles and recorrect your form

  1. Up to 30-minutes before a game of golf for a relaxed, and consistent correct form


At the Office
Sitting or standing for long hours at work can be a strain to your posture. And with technology being a part of our every day lives, there are more of us suffering from what they call “tech-neck.” Str8-n-Up is a much needed office and home accessory that will remind and retrain you of what proper form is. Stretch out your tensed shoulder and neck muscles and realign your form during lunch or coffee breaks.

For Video Gaming
Str8-n-Up is THE video gaming accessory that every family should have. Give your child the perfect video gaming accessory to go with their gaming system. Str8-n-Up will train their muscles and mind of what proper form is so you won’t need to be worried over their slouching on the couch.

At the Gym, Yoga and on the Trails/Track
Str8-n-Up is the perfect workout buddy. Before, during or after workouts, yoga and walking/running, Str8-n-Up can help stretch out shoulders, neck and chest muscles and opens up the diaphragm to get full breaths of air into your lungs. It properly aligns shoulders to keep injuries to a minimum and reminds your body of what proper form feels like.

For Golfers

Good posture and relaxed muscles is important, as it will determine the shape of your swing. An important part of the golf swing is getting in the correct form. Using Str8-n-Up before you go on the course can help you remember what proper form is and to keep it consistent and to relax your shoulders, chest and back muscles.

For Breast Feeding Mothers
There are true benefits that come from breast feeding for both baby and mom. But there is a drawback...bad nursing posture. Do you find yourself consistently hunched over, neck strained, and far from ideal posture? Using Str8-n-Up in between feedings can help stretch the tight muscles that keep you hunched over.

For Travel & De-stressing
Need de-stressing after long hours in traffic or traveling? Str8-n-Up is the perfect de-stresser. It helps to gently stretch your tensed shoulders back to relax mode. It’s unique design gently pulls and stretches your shoulder and neck muscles downward and back. It’s the perfect personal massage after a stressful and long hours of travel.

Many Uses
These are just some examples of who, when and where Str8-n-Up should be worn. But the key to a healthy future is proper form and that is WHY Str8-n-Up should be used.



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