Str8-n-Up is best worn over sleeveless or short sleeved clothing. Not recommended to wear over long-sleeved shirts that are bulky—this will cause a tight tension from the bands and could cause injury to user. When wearing Str8-n-Up for the first time, you may feel muscle soreness or discomfort. This is common and is due to years of improper shoulder form now being realigned and retrained. Should discomfort continue for more than one week DISCONTINUE use of Str8-n-Up. Anyone with medical or health issues should seek medical advice from a physician or a qualified health care professional before using Str8-n-Up.


The tension and size of the band can be adjusted by twisting the band once, twice or three times, depending on how tight you want it to be. To adjust the tension you’ll need to first put one arm through an arm hole. Make sure the buckle is on the band prior to inserting your arm through. The user will then twist the band as many times needed, but only up to 3 times. Once this twist(s) has been made the you will then need to put the other arm through the other arm hole. Then lift your arms and let the band slide down to your shoulders. If the tension of the band does not allow the band to slide down then the you will need to pull it down Let the band slide down to your shoulders but making sure that the band is behind your head when sliding down your arms. You might have to pull down the band into place if band does not freely slide down by itself. Once the band is down to the arm pit area you can then bring arms down to your side. Adjust the buckle so that the center of the buckle that is not covered by the fabric band should be flat against the your back and in between the shoulder blades. You will need to adjust the left and right bands by rotating them slightly upwards till the buckle shifts down between the center of your shoulder blades and away from the nape of the neck. Continue to adjust the left and right side of the band so that it gently cups and pulls your shoulders back slightly.


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